Monday, March 17, 2008

Austin Outdoors: Mount Bonnell

Mount Bonnell is infamous in Austin for being a cliche date location. In 07 it was given title of Best Make-out Location in Austin. It is generally packed with couples looking for a cheap date.

Fortunately you don't have to have a boring crowded time because there are two trails I illustrated which will take you to a great perch above bazillion dollar houses, river, rolling hills and that cluster of radio towers off in the distance. It's a great spot to take an adventurous date, just follow the red or dark blue trail.

Blue Trail: Alot quicker but, you have to climb over a black fence that is about 4 ft tall. Not hard yet not recommended if your date happens to be in a skirt.

Red Trail: takes about 5 minutes and is alot of fun because it winds along the cliff face. The path gets narrow but never less than a foot or two.

The best view of the Austin skyline is found atop the trellis that I drew a green box around. Climb up and you can see a 300 deg. view of the Colorado river, UT tower / stadium, and the whole city skyline. Also it is a good way to provide a little separation between you and the tons of couples walking around below.

Note: that wood is old but seems solid walk with an air of caution. !

To get there take 35Th street exit off of mopac North and take a left. A couple miles down the road take a right on mount Bonnell rd. its about a 1/2 mile up mount Bonnell rd.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Online Grub Delivery Review: EatOutIn.Com

So I know every so often everyone gets the lazy bug along with simultanious stomach pains.

This happened to me one day sitting in front of the computer so I figured I would give a try. They serve most of the greater austin area and I was able to order this snack from denny's down south near william cannon.

The Service Fee of 5.95$, didn't feel too painful and the website boasted of a variety of resteraunt options although only a few were availible for my zip code. I ordered at 6:40 pm and the site informed me my food should be arriving at 8:11pm. Now we play the waiting game.

You can also order from fax or phone which is neat if you cant get at a internet connection.

phone 346-9990

fax 346-3002

BYOBlues / Liquor / Wine @ T.C's Lounge

I'll have to admit that TC's lounge is where its at for the money consious college student. Mondays you can catch some fantastic blues from the house band and get your drink on in a authentic east side dive. Its a super cheap place to grab some beer (2.75 various tallboys ), but its my favorite way to get with a bottle from home and rock out with the house band. TC provides all the setups you could need at reasonable prices (usually 1.50$ish..) Usually filled with a mix of hipsters and other assorted UT students, and as a bonus for your 3 dollar cover you get unlimited chowder or whatever TC decides to throw in the croc pot!

Cover: 3$ for Food/Live Music
Under 21 and you get a flimsey paper wristband

PS Im fairly sure its not/barely air conditioned so if you know its going to be a hot night you may want to avoid loungin'.
1413 Webberville RoadAustin, TX 78721

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Austin Outdoors: Cambells Hole

Cambells hole is an excellent place if your looking to spend a day outdoors. Also you can bring beer in (relative) safety and climb up to a lookout cave about 50 ft up the side of the greenbelt. Its a great place to check out the sunset and have a few drinks all while pretending your in the real outdoors.

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