Monday, March 17, 2008

Austin Outdoors: Mount Bonnell

Mount Bonnell is infamous in Austin for being a cliche date location. In 07 it was given title of Best Make-out Location in Austin. It is generally packed with couples looking for a cheap date.

Fortunately you don't have to have a boring crowded time because there are two trails I illustrated which will take you to a great perch above bazillion dollar houses, river, rolling hills and that cluster of radio towers off in the distance. It's a great spot to take an adventurous date, just follow the red or dark blue trail.

Blue Trail: Alot quicker but, you have to climb over a black fence that is about 4 ft tall. Not hard yet not recommended if your date happens to be in a skirt.

Red Trail: takes about 5 minutes and is alot of fun because it winds along the cliff face. The path gets narrow but never less than a foot or two.

The best view of the Austin skyline is found atop the trellis that I drew a green box around. Climb up and you can see a 300 deg. view of the Colorado river, UT tower / stadium, and the whole city skyline. Also it is a good way to provide a little separation between you and the tons of couples walking around below.

Note: that wood is old but seems solid walk with an air of caution. !

To get there take 35Th street exit off of mopac North and take a left. A couple miles down the road take a right on mount Bonnell rd. its about a 1/2 mile up mount Bonnell rd.

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