Monday, March 10, 2008

Online Grub Delivery Review: EatOutIn.Com

So I know every so often everyone gets the lazy bug along with simultanious stomach pains.

This happened to me one day sitting in front of the computer so I figured I would give a try. They serve most of the greater austin area and I was able to order this snack from denny's down south near william cannon.

The Service Fee of 5.95$, didn't feel too painful and the website boasted of a variety of resteraunt options although only a few were availible for my zip code. I ordered at 6:40 pm and the site informed me my food should be arriving at 8:11pm. Now we play the waiting game.

You can also order from fax or phone which is neat if you cant get at a internet connection.

phone 346-9990

fax 346-3002

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